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Hey folks!

I would just like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for my swift and undeclared abandonment of this blog.

Yeah, I know, I randomly disappeared into nowhere and half of you are probably like, “Oh. I was following her?” 

My life has just been all over the place these past few months. With that, I can’t run this blog any longer. I’m not saying goodbye or farewell or anything like that, because. I feel as though, I can’t say goodbye to this part of my life or this part of me. I don’t think it’s goodbye… I’m just closing the drawer for now. 

However, you can still find me trolling on my personal blog and occasionally posting on my amateur photography blog.

I guess that’s it. It’s summer here in Canada right now and I’m breezing but stressing out like always. I’m going into my first year of university this fall (studying Theatre!), so I’m really anticipating how my rocky and bizarre life is gonna turn out to be. 

Take care, stay wonderful, and continue being the passionate fangirls and lovely human beings that you all are! Again, I apologize for not saying anything before.

Mycah, xoxo
September 2013